Planning, tracking and measuring ensure quality, reliability and excellence.

Efficiency and Ongoing Improvement

At the centre of ACTIS FURIO’s business operations is quality. Since 2004, a Quality Management System has been in place, in compliance with international standards. This desire for continuous improvement is shared by the entire organisation and achieved thanks to attention to detail, constant controls and an ongoing effort to find the most compliant option. Each company activity is measured objectively and through specific documented goals and indicators. All processes are therefore planned and implemented and the product is guaranteed in every production phase, including by means of the careful control of monitoring and measuring devices.

Resulting production and sales thus take place in a context aimed at achieving customer satisfaction and a respectful balance of all parties involved in the process. A marked attention to quality and prices also aims at obtaining the highest consideration and loyalty of customers.

The Certification Process

Since 2004 ACTIS FURIO has been in possession of the certificate issued by Certiquality, a Certification Body at the service of companies and specialised in the Certification of Company Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems.

In 2010 ACTIS FURIO obtained the certificate relating to the new 9001: 2008 standard and decided to continue its quality improvement process.

In 2018 the company implemented, and continues to maintain, a quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard by putting in place a quality-oriented risk management approach.

The achievement of its Vision and Mission has been made possible through quality principles in which the General Management firmly believes and without which effective results cannot be obtained.