The Company

SINCE 1950

Actis Furio

Actis Furio srl has been a reliable partner for the production and sale of various types of sheet metal since 1950. Specifically, we can produce sheets with round, square, elongated and fancy holes in various stainless steels, AISI 304-316, carbon steel, galvanised, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, corten, polypropylene, etc…

Commercial metal sheet sizes are 1000×2000 mm, 1250×2500 mm, 1500×3000 mm but our workshops are also able to produce sheets in special sizes as well as cut, curve and bend them.

The holes, from the smallest to the largest, and the thicknesses from 0.5 to 20 mm, are used in several sectors inasmuch as the perforated sheets are able to control the transit of air, liquids, light, heat, waves and solids. The sheets are therefore suitable for different sectors: metal structures, food and chemical industries, shipyards, etc…

Where, however, perforated sheet metal is unable to meet the needs of customers, ACTIS FURIO offers the most suitable solutions with indented plates and tear sheets and expanded metal sheets as well as wire nets and cloths.

Next to the sheet metal working production department is a large warehouse able to offer more than 15000 articles always in stock and flattened. The presses, which are constantly in operation, ensure speedy and prompt deliveries.

Certified Quality

all our products are made in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 certification standard to provide you with outstanding quality.

70 Years of Experience

Being on the market since 1950 means having gained experience and awareness.

Customised Products

We can make any type of sheet or net according to the customer’s instructions.

Intended uses

You can find our perforated sheets everywhere: filters, conveyor belts, food processing, honeycombs, grain dryers, wine making, fish farming, storage bin ventilation, screens for industrial machines, screens for threshing and sieving machines, sorting plants, vegetable and fruit presses, cheese moulds, centrifuges, protections, partitions, street furniture. 

Actis Furio at the side of Polisportiva Vedanese

Actis Furio is a sponsor of the Vedanese women’s volleyball team, currently in the C series

We have become it because we want to give strength to our territory and we are sensitive to sports that focus on respect, honesty and team spirit.

Good luck for the next Girls Championship!