Wire Cloths

Wire cloths are produced on mechanical frames with continuous wires. The wires parallel to the length of the cloth are called warp wires while those parallel to the width are the weft wires that can form cloths with selvedges on the sides.

In case of order or request please indicate:

Type of material


stainless steel (AISI 304, 316, 310), carbon steel, galvanised, aluminium, brass, copper and many others on request;

Width (or height) of cloth


  1. 1000 mm standard size, available from 13 mm to over 3000 mm

Length of cloth


(expressed in metres)

Cloth numbering


French numbering (N.P.F.): number of meshes counted in one metric inch of 27.77 mm

For further information, please refer to the extract from our catalogue >>

Diameter (Ø) of wire (or wires, warp and weft respectively)

(expressed in mm)

In addition to rolls, we produce discs of different diameters.

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