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Perforated sheets, unlike solid sheet metal, provide strength, permeability and transparency, which is why they are used in so many different sectors…

The main feature of indented metal sheets is their non-slip properties combined with appealing good looks…

Metal sheets are produced on mechanical frames with continuous wires. The wires parallel to the length are called warp wires while those parallel to the width are called weft wires…

The wire mesh is obtained by assembling non-continuous, previously shaped or stamped wires……

Expanded metal sheets (or expanded metal meshes) made without scrap or welding are ductile and can be used for many different purposes….


Our Products

We can offer commercial shapes and custom manufacturing (including for small batches).

Our products, precision made in different materials, are the ideal solution to every type of project requirement.

SINCE 1950

Leader in the production of perforated sheets

Since 1950 ACTIS FURIO has been a leader in the production and sale of perforated sheets, expanded sheets, and wire meshes and cloths, both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, high performance equipment and wide availability of items in stock, ACTIS FURIO caters to the needs of customers by offering various and qualitatively advanced solutions. Read More about Actis Furio

OPEN AREA Calculation

This procedure makes it possible to calculate the characteristics of the various perforated sheets.

Simply select the type of perforation, enter the main data and obtain the sheet showing the percentage of open area, the number of holes and the resulting weight of the sheet.


Fields of Use

Production Process

With over 70 years of experience behind us, we have perfected our production process by taking the necessary measures to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Receipt of production orders
Conformity to achievable moulds
Manufacture using the best available technologies
Stringent quality controls

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