Expanded Sheets

Expanded metal sheets (or expanded nets) made without scrap or welding are ductile and able to adapt to multiple uses. Commonly used for: filters, fences, gangways, steps, sound absorbing systems, separation and protection panels, ornamental or furnishing components, false ceilings, sunshades, parapets, drying floors.

In case of order or request please indicate:

Type of material


stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanised, aluminium, brass and others on request;


strips or sheets (1000X2000, 1250X2500, 1500X3000 mm or cut to size);

Type of Mesh


rhombus, square, hexagon, round;

Mesh size


the mesh diagonals marked LD (long diagonal) and SD (short diagonal);

Sheet thickness


(expressed in mm)

Sheet feed


(expressed in mm)

On request, they can be either flat or curved.


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