Waved (Intertwined) and Woven Nets

Waved, intertwined and woven wire nets are used for shelters, fences and for every containment application. They are used in industrial processes where the separation, filtering of solids or liquids is required as they offer important chemical and thermal resistance technical characteristics. The use of wire nets for aesthetic purposes is also of current importance.

They are produced with square meshes but can also be made with rectangular and rhomboidal meshes. In stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanised, copper, brass, aluminium.

Waved / woven wire nets are obtained by crossing non-continuous, previously shaped wires.

They are defined as waved when the waves are also present between one crossing and the other while they are woven when each wave corresponds to a crossing of wires.

The panels, as well as the rolls, can be of standard or customised sizes.

Waved / Intertwined and Woven Net Table

Mesh mm
Wire mm
10 x 10
1,5 - 2,50
12 x 12
2,00 - 2,50
15 x 15
2,50 - 4,00
20 x 20
2,00 - 3,00
27 x 27
3,00 - 4,00
30 x 30
3,50 - 5,00
50 x 50

For more detailed technical information and other tables, please refer to our Woven and Waved Nets Catalogue.


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