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Electrowelded mesh


The main characteristic of electrowelded mesh, in stainless steel (A304-A316) carbon steel, pre zinc-plated, is its strength and convenience, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
From urban design (fencing and safety nets) to metalwork (containers), the engineering industry (machinery protection) and even the food industry.
Warp and weft wires are fixed by electrowelding, assuring a good hold of the intersections. Square or rectangular meshes can be produced.
Products with varying meshes can also be produced.
Electrowelded nets are available in panels or rolls

Trimmed  mesh
Mesh with spikes
 Our standard panels (1000x2000 - 1200x2400mm) include wire diameters from 2 to 8mm. On request we can produce panels and rolls with wire diameters of different sizes.
Approximate maximum dimensions of panels are mm 4000x2000 but do not hesitate to ask for special sizes. Panels can be made with spikes or trimmed



Electrowelded mesh informative table    

 Mesh mm

Wire mm

60x11 2,85


When ordering, please indicate:
-number of requested panels or rolls
-wire size
-mesh or opening size